Gameserver, V-Server, Webserver and more!

What we offer


  • Reliability

    All our game servers are run on very fail-safe systems.

  • Easy control

    All game servers can be controlled via our easy web interface.

  • Game selection

    We have a large selection of games for which we can offer servers. Just contact us and ask if your game is supported.

  • Data Center

    Our game servers are all hosted from the data centers in Frankfurt am Main or Nuremberg in Germany or in Helsinki in Finland.


  • Casual V-Server

    The Casual V-Server is the server for everyone, it is cheap and reliable. These servers are located in a data center in Nuremberg. We offer everything from 4GB Ram to 60GB Ram and from 2 CPU Cores to 10 CPU Cores.

  • Pro V-Server

    Our Pro V servers offer better reliability and backup protection. These V-servers run on the Amazon AWS system in the Amazon data center in Frankfurt am Main.

  • Locations

    With our Pro V servers it is now possible to choose between many data center locations all around the world.

  • Webinterface

    NEW! Our new Webinterface System now support the control of our V-Servers!

Plesk Website Hosting

  • Simple Webinterface

    Simple web server hosting via the Plesk WebHost system.

  • E-Mail

    An e-mail service for your domains is included in each of our Plesk packages!

  • Website creation

    If requested, your website will be created, updated and maintained by our web designers exactly according to your requirements!

  • Data Center

    All of our web hosts are located in the Amazon Web Services data center in Frankfurt am Main or in Falkenstein, Germany.

Domains und WordPress

  • Domain

    We would also be happy to register a suitable domain for your website! However, these can only be managed by our technicians at the moment. Of course, you can have DNS entries registered free of charge.

  • WordPress

    The WordPress Toolkit with many functions is included in all web servers hosted by us. So you can install and use WordPress on your server with just a few clicks!

Premium Services

  • Consulting

    We advise you free of charge which server configuration is best for your application and which other options you have.

  • Setup

    On request, we can set up various services for you on your V-Server so that you can start your project straight away. This can be the LAMP package (Linux. Apache, MySQL & PhP) or various other programs.

  • Support

    You have a problem with your server? Our support team is available almost around the clock to help you!

You have Questions?

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