Our Influencers

In this area you will find some selected influencers who are working with us!


Hello, I’m Mats and the founder of the MTN Media Group. I  run my own YouTube and Twitch channel. Come and take a look ^^


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Text of the Influencer following soon!


Text of the Influencer following soon!


Hi! I’m Andrew and I’m 29 years old and a United States Army Combat Veteran. I stream almost daily. I’m usually sweating pretty hard in Rainbow Six Siege or having a good old time in World of Tanks. Drop by and say Hi will ya!


Hello everyone my name is Richard. I am 17 years old and im from THE BIG APPLE. I play Rainbow Six Siege mostly among other games and I create content for MTN. Check out my youtube channel for tutorials of the game and general tips and tricks to become better. I also stream on twitch almost daily, come check me out! Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you there.


my name is Scoddi. I am a 28 year old movie enthusiast, cat lover and emotional, positive person. With me you will find both KARAOKE and GAMEPLAY. But most of all ENTERTAINMENT!